Cherish what’s important with Get Even

Get Even looks interesting, don’t it? It’s mixing thriller tones (the genre not the Jackson song) with some light sci-fi to tell the tale of a hired gun trapped in an asylum, forced to relive a botched attempt to save a kidnapped girl from a bomb strapped to her chest. Y’know, the usual. Pair that with some gruff English voice acting (well gruff from the ‘ard bloke who’s talking in the videos) and it sends us thinking of some of the great British crime dramas of late. That’s Luther and Line of Duty, not The Bill.

It looks a little reminiscent of Condemned: Criminal Origins in that you are investigating in a dark, remote place with a few gadgets, and not everything seems real. Though this probably has fewer murderous hobos in it, which may not necessarily make it as good Condemned.

It’s coming out on the 26th of May for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. So long as it’s more Lock Stock than British Movie we’ll be content. There’s also a couple more videos below to wet your appetite, and show you what’s to come.

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Written by Sean P

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