There will be Brawlout

Let’s cut to the chase right? Super Smash Bro’s is amazingly good, and it’s practically a whole subgenre unto itself. Whenever developers try to emulate it, their game tends to just fall into obscurity no matter how good the game actually is because it couldn’t ever be as good as Smash. And yes, that includes PlayStation Revenge of the Lengthy Title which we *checks notes* thought was really good too. Something most of these clones never had though was a PC version, which we always thought was foolish. Now though, we have Brawlout (see above trailer).

Brawlout looks interesting because it looks like Smash Bro’s, sans recognizable characters. It knows what it’s doing and its going to embrace that fact. Oh, and it’s also out in Early Access already, sitting at a £15 price tag. It looks like the PC brawler we always wanted might actually be on its way. We’ll let you know what we think of it once we’ve had a chance to give it some hands-on impressions and write it up.

They say “good artists copy, great artists steal”. We’re hoping Angry Mob Games raid Fort Knox for this one.

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