Last Day of June set for disappointing release date

Come on. Seriously. If you were releasing a game called Last Day of June – or a film called Last Day of June, or a crisp flavour, or whatever – surely you would move heaven, Earth, and everything in between to ensure that the release date was June 30th. Wouldn’t you? We would. 505 Games still might but, as the press release says only “later in 2017” (for PS4 and PC), we’re almost certainly talking a date months away rather than weeks. They could at least have left the announcement until then.

Oh well. The game itself, at least, has promise. Watch that trailer. That art and animation are just fantastic, aren’t they? Gorgeous, distinctive, and eye-catching. We’re promised a “profound interactive adventure” from Italian developer Ovosonico. While throwing around phrases like that, not to mention “true artistic innovation”, “poignant”, and “emotionally challenging puzzles” is basically asking for trouble, there’s an ambition and determination here that gives us hope they might just pull it off.

The eponymous June appears to be the lady in the trailer, and it seems that your task is to learn about her relationship with Carl and, ultimately, save her life. Hence the “What would you do to save the one you love” tagline. Ovosonico CEO Massimo Guarini has an interesting mission statement for the game: “People feel comfortable broadly saying they don’t like videogames without ever really trying them, but never say that about movies or music or art – there’s always something they can identify with. I believe games can be just as universal and relatable, and that’s what we’re attempting to show with this project.”

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Written by Luke K

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