The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – episode 5 review

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  • Format: PC (version reviewed), Xbox One, PS4, Mac, Vita
  • Unleashed: Out Now
  • Publisher: Telltale Games
  • Developer: Telltale Games
  • Players: 1
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The final episode has just been released and while it’s not bad, it’s not quite the ending we’d hoped for. It feels shorter than expected; though in reality it’s actually about as long as all the other episodes, it just doesn’t feel like that much was done. It’s a nice ending to a fairly good season, though.

This episode greets you after a big cliffhanger much like most of the previous episodes. If you’ve seen the “artwork” used for this episode it looks like there’s a massive spoiler in it… but there’s not. Not exactly. It looks like it’s one outcome but isn’t set in stone. To put it lightly it’s a marketing “goof” but it’s still one that made us unhappy to say the least. So, we’re here just to assure you that it’s not necessarily a spoiler so please try and enjoy this send-off to what has been a pretty good season.

One of the things this episode does really well is remove all those rubbish bits where you wander around doing pointless things. It’s part of the reason it felt shorter; without the endless faff the pace kept up and it flowed really well. Well enough to make it feel like it was substantially shorter than it was. Telltale’s games always feel better when they work off of using the dialogue rather than pointless point-and-click environment exploration, and this is a pretty good example.

Telltale’s new engine still keeps this looking good for the most part, but it’s still filled with the traditional stiff animation and other wacky and/or awe-ful bugs. In one scene for example, a character that had died just walked across the screen with the rest of the group (not a speaking part mind you). But all the same, when dead people suddenly reappear like nothing happened, it takes you right out of the atmosphere they’ve spend the last few months trying to build up. 

And yes we are aware that The Walking Dead is built on the notion of the dead walking about; so sshh you!

Yeah, so it’s not going out with much of a bang but it’s not a whimper either. It’s just a nice ending where things turn out pretty alright – or at least it did in our case. What this season has done though is let you shape Clementine via Javi, which feels a little like how Lee did it too. It’s a good season and we look forward to seeing Clem again, but part of us hopes for a bigger change of scenery; after all, there was a whole world out there for the zombie apocalypse to mess with.

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