Atari are making a new console

Well, what it says up there, really.

Atari have had a bit of an odd journey into the twenty first century. Their last games console was the Jaguar, inflicted onto the world at the end of 1993. Discontinued less than three years later, the machine crashed and burned spectacularly through a combination of high prices, unwanted add-ons, and a lack of quality software. Or a lack of software overall, really; the Jaguar library remained surprisingly tiny even when it was officially dead.

If you head to the Atari website at time of writing, you’ll quickly learn that the company is now focused on mobile games and apps; as well as free to play browser-based versions of their oldest, best-known titles from yesteryear. Okay, you could argue that Atari released several consoles since the Jaguar if you include the “Flashback” machines. These are those sorts of things that plug straight into your telly with pre-loaded games. Only, with the Flashbacks, the hardware (incredibly) wasn’t directly replicating the original Atari machines, and some of the ports suffered as a result.

Atari are theoretically officially back into the videogame… er… game, as the PS4 and Xbone have recently seen the release of retro collections Atari Flashback Collections 1 & 2. The question has to be asked here though: does the industry need another console? Can the market support another console? Well, given the fact that we know nothing at all about Atari’s new machine apart from the fact that it’s coming, those are questions nobody can answer yet. The apparent wood panelling suggests that it could be looking backwards rather than forwards in terms of software. If this is the case – perhaps providing something that will offer a huge catalogue of games from every Atari console there ever was – it could prove to be a smart move. If Atari are looking to directly compete with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo however, chances are they’ll struggle. Big time.

News of a new Atari console broken via an exclusive VentureBeat interview.

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