Street Fighter Charity Album

Street Fighter is practically a religion for some people, and the series itself sits amongst the most highly-respected and well received games of all time. The fighting game scene has had its share of well publicised downsides, so it’s a breath of fresh air to be able to talk about something that’s not just good but genuinely great coming from the community. Tonight from 19:00–23:00 EDT, there’s a release party for a charity album full of hip-hop remixes of classic Street Fighter melodies.

The event is taking place at Garden Grove Brewery in Richmond, Virginia and will feature a Street Fighter II tournament, a costume contest, live art, and Street Fighter inspired beer. If like many of the people in this world you happen not to live in or near Richmond then fear not; there’s a Twitch stream so you can follow the festivities in all their glory.

The album itself is available on a pay what you want basis on bandcamp and you can even listen to the whole thing for free there too, so you know what you’re in for. It’s a collaboration from a whole host of Richmond’s musical talents, including Black Liquid, members of Gritty City Records, DJs Phil Dice, 8-Bit Mullet, and Dope Solo/Sultans, a co-founder of the Party Liberation Front.

If hip-hop isn’t your thing but charity is, then at least take a look at the Building a Better RPS charity, which is the organisation that will be receiving the donations. They’re all about raising funds for improvements and support for public (state) schools in the area around Richmond, so its definitely a worthy cause – especially with education being underfunded the way that it is at the moment.

It’s for a good cause so the least you can do is give it a little look, isn’t it?

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