Nights of Azure azuredly awarded a sequel

Do you remember Nights of Azure? Probably not; it was a fairly low-key release, and we found it to be lacking in some important areas in our review. Nonetheless, it did some things right, and had some interesting ideas. We’re actually pleased to hear it’s getting a sequel, which we hope will tidy up the mistakes of the first game.

Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon is coming to PS4, PC, and – a little surprisingly (especially given there’s no Xbone version) – Switch on 27th October. There’s even a trailer. Look! It’s up there! It doesn’t tell you an awful lot in its 48 seconds, apart from the fact that it features a lady with eyes of two different colours; but give it a watch anyway.

The basic story setup may have a whiff of familiarity for anybody who managed to catch the first game. Alushe, a “knight protector”, is ambushed and killed while fulfilling her duty in protecting the priestess (and her friend) Liliana. That’s not the end of the story of course, because that would be a jolly short game. Alushe later wakes up (which doesn’t usually happen when you die) as “an artificial half-demon”. She finds herself with shifty religious organisation the New Curia. And so the story continues, with Alushe determined to rescue Liliana and discover what this Queen of the Moon thing is really all about.

It’s Nights to see them having another go. Azure hope it all works out. Will you be queuing outside the shop on day of release bride and early?

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