Beta watch this Destiny 2 video to get ready

Are you excited about this new Destiny game? If so, you’re not alone. Lots of people talking about it on the interwebs. At least nine. The first game was phenomenally popular, and its sequel is on track to equal if not obliterate that success. If you’ve pre-ordered, then you’ll be able to start playing the beta tomorrow evening (on PS4) or the day after (Xbox One). Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for the open beta, which starts on the 21st of this month and ends on the 23rd.

Can’t wait to start playing? Then you may find the video up there very interesting. Activision got together with Alex Noon (AKA “Arkezz Gaming”) to create a video with over ten minutes of Destiny 2 goodness. It starts off with one of those fellas from Blue Man Group getting kicked around, and goes on to fill you in with lots of details of what to expect in the beta. Best of all, the video’s crammed full of gameplay footage.

So what will you get in the beta? Well for one thing, you get a brief taste of the story’s opening with “Homecoming”. Then there’s the “Inverted Spire” Strike to get stuck into, and two 4v4 PvP modes. Countdown sees each team take it in turns to try to plant then defend a bomb in the enemy team’s base; and Control is, as you may already know/have guessed, all about holding various points on the map. Overall, a fairly generous variety of content for a beta, to be honest.

We started this post with a Destiny video, so let’s end it with a Destiny video.

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