New Star Wars Battlefront II game mode unveiled for GamesCom

During the EA pre-Gamescom media briefing, the publisher unveiled a new live gameplay trailer for Star Wars Battlefront 2, which shows off one of the game’s new modes; Starfighter Assault.

This new mode has been developed by Criterion, developers of the Burnout series, and features epic space battles featuring 24 players in objective-based missions. In the footage, the attacking team is trying to take down layers of enemy defence and destroy an Imperial Star Destroyer. There are class-based ships, the bomber and the interceptor. The bombers are slow, but powerful, with the TIE Bomber on the Imperial side, and the Y-Wing on the Rebels side. The interceptors meanwhile are fast and agile, but can be destroyed quite easily, with the Rebels using the A-Wing while the Imperials take the TIE Interceptor into battle. The original X-Wings and TIE Fighters are also present, and take the middle ground between these two classes.

The demo trailer features a number of Hero ships, with the iconic Millennium Falcon and Slave I making returns, along with Poe Dameron’s Black One X-Wing and Darth Maul’s Scimitar. The Hero’s ships have extra abilities with Darth Maul’s Scimitar having the ability to use an invisibility cloak to catch enemies unawares. With these Heroes being from different eras of the Star Wars saga, it confirms that you can mix and match Heroes from both the good and bad films, which could make some intriguing face-offs possible.

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Written by Kevin M

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