Morta life than killing monsters

Hack and slash and rogue-like or rogue-lite is the sort of thing that’s become fairly common these days, especially so when you throw procedural generation into the mix as well. It’s that common mix that’s also started to make many people instinctively and involuntarily go “euggh”. Children of Morta however does have this mix, and goes the extra mile to be more interesting by having a story and touching on a few more interesting concepts; love being one of the more interesting ones.

The game revolves around the Bergson family and their guardianship of the nearby Mount Morta. Generation after generation have protected the once peaceful mountain and now that a corruption has infected the mountain the Bergsons must take up arms to remove it.

It’s still quite a hacky and slashy affair but the story side of things could be quite interesting especially since it’s selling it with love as one of the key points. Love is an often overlooked element in games and it’s usually wrongly equated to the sexy time that ends the relationship quest-lines. This looks like it might be focusing on the love of a family, so it might be an interesting take that’s not so sexy times orientated.

This was a successful Kickstarter project and it’s deal with 11 Bit Studios as the publisher means it’s confirmed for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. What is worrying however – and is beginning to be a little bit of a trend – is that it succeeded in its goals to be developed on the Wii U and Vita (but not on the Xbox). Unfortunately, this is beginning to be a trend where Wii U and Vita owners are backing a project which later drops support for them. Hopefully Vita support will appear alongside a Switch reveal but we wouldn’t count on it, especially since co-op is now a feature.

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