Mischief Makers Remixed remixes the music of… you get it.

Do you remember Mischief Makers? We do. A rather surreal but utterly charming N64 platformer, it was bizarre and mesmerising in equal measure. Perhaps when we tell you that the game was developed by Treasure, the team behind games such as Guardian Heroes, Ikaruga, and Sin & Punishment, you’ll understand why we loved it so. Oh, the memories; hunting down and earning all fifty yellow gems for the full, ‘true’ ending. The graphics were remarkable for the time, and the soundtrack was unique and evocative. Now, thanks to a collection of remixing ragamuffins, a little chunk of that soundtrack has been given a second lease of life.

Mischief Makers Remixed is a five-track EP that jiggles the music about for the space year 2017. It says something for the original music that, although we last heard it twenty years ago, the recognisable nuggets that remain here immediately tickled our nostalgia glands. The artists who have given our memories a much-welcomed spot in the limelight are James Landino, Voia, Ben Briggs, Baircave, and Hyper Potions.

The collection can be bought over at Bandcamp right now for just $5, which we’d say is a pretty good deal. They’re great choons whether you’re familiar with the game or not. The highlight is arguably James Landino’s contribution; a thumping, dancefloor-filling version of the main theme that even opens with the title screen’s enthusiastic cry of “Mischief Makers!”. Now go nab yourself a copy of the EP, and listen to it while praying to the god of games that Nintendo releases an N64 mini with the makers of mischief present and correct.

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