It’s the End of Titan Quest as We Know It!

When Iron Lore and THQ released Titan Quest way back in 2006 we don’t think anyone expected it to get an aniversary edition released in 2016 under a different publisher that has assimilated the THQ name into it’s own. Even less expected is the addition of a new expansion more than ten years after the original release but Pieces Interactive and THQ Nordic have done exactly that, though it only works with the anniversary edition. Surprisingly, it’s also out now, which is weird because the announcement and release is a all-in-one piece of news.

Titan Quest Ragnarök is the new expansion and if you’re not already familiar with Ragnarök, it’s basically the end of the line for the Norse Gods. Norse Gods, much like the other ancient Gods, have some really cool stories attached to them so Titan Quest has some pretty decent source material to work off of there.  There are a whole host of new baddies, gear, and quests and there’s even a new Runemaster Mastery to sink your teeth into. As it isn’t set in the hot climates of ancient Greece or Egypt, it finally give players the chance to wear trousers; so your character’s regions won’t get cold in the colder regions of the game.

Ragnarök has big boots to fill considering Titan Quest is often considered one of the best (if not the best) action RPGs ever made. It may be an old game but we played it about two years ago and it still held up against both Torchlight 1 & 2 (RIP Runic Games) and Diablo 3. It’s also currently on sale on both Steam and Humble Bundle so you have time to try out the anniversary edition at a fairly reasonable price.

Oh and just on the off-chance that Norse gods end piquing your interest, we recommend picking up Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman which is incredible, and even more so as an audiobook read by Neil himself.

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  1. Kate Yap /

    This is awesome! I really didn’t expect to ever see this game after such a long time of silence, I just gave up on it after a while. I’m glad to see that they picked it up again.

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