Sony slash the price of PSVR; here’s where to order in the UK

Black Friday has arrived early if you’re in the market for Sony’s PlayStation VR headset. Sony  have announced that as of Friday 17th November, they are cutting the price of the PSVR bundles to £249.99. This price will be available for 10 days after this date, so if you’re looking to join the VR bandwagon, you best be quick.

The bundle includes the PlayStation VR headset, PlayStation Camera, VR Worlds, and either the just released Skyrim or Gran Turismo Sport. Before this discount the headset itself retailed for £350, so you’re making a pretty hefty saving of £100 on the RRP of just the headset on it’s own. The only other thing you may need is a pair of Move Controllers, and we’ve seen a bundle including Move Controllers for an extra £50, which saves you a further £25.

It’s a great move by Sony, as they look to bolster sales for their new venture in the run up to Christmas; and if you’re a PS+ member you can download Until Dawn: Rush of Blood for free this month too. Whether retailers will drop the headset further for Black Friday itself is open for debate, but we reckon it won’t be by a lot more than this bargain price. If you’re in the UK, then you can grab the basic Mega Starter bundle for £249.99 from Argos and have Skyrim thrown in for free. Or you can get exactly the same deal from Amazon if you prefer. Or Zavvi. No, these aren’t affiliate links; but if any company reps want to send us sacks of cash as a thank you, it’d be impolite to refuse…

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Written by Kevin M

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