A.O.T. 2: New trailer! Playable titans! Release date!

We’re super happy to see Koei Tecmo’s Attack on Titan get a sequel, as it did an excellent job of capturing the look and feel of the anime. The release date has now been revealed as the frustratingly-not-today 20th March 2018, when it’ll launch for PS4, Xbone, PC… and Switch. Play in handheld mode, and you can pretend you’re a titan yourself, looking down at all the little people! Or, er, something.

Mostly or at least partly following the second TV series (which was briefly touched on by the first game’s bonus mission), there will be three new playable titans (the armoured titan, the female titan, and one yet to be revealed; dare we hope for the beast titan?). Playable puny humans will include series favourites such as Reiner Braun, Annie Leonhart, and more; in addition, of course, to Erin and the regular gang. Plus now, you can create your own character!

That’s not all! Aside from the new trailer at the top of the page, we can also tell you that – much to our delighted surprise – new elements will be introduced to the gameplay. There’s to be a “hook drive” evasion ability, as well as the opportunity to launch long-range sneak attacks. Interestingly, there’ll also be a non-combative “Town Life” side of the game which, according to the press release, will allow players to “build relationships with their favourite characters from the Attack on Titan universe to gain a deeper understanding of their comrades”. While we’re a little apprehensive about this (the first game’s equivalent element was underwhelming), it’s great to see the effort going in to the sequel. Our hopes have been set titan-high.

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