If the Shu fits… (port it in January)

As you may have seen from Nintendo’s Nindies showcase earlier in the year, the Switch is set to be the latest Shu box. The Shu’s on the other foot now, eh? Or console. Whatever. The initial announcement was laced with anticipation, and set tongues wagging. Developer Coatsink has put its heart and sole into the port, announcing that they’ve achieved 60fps in both handheld and docked modes. We now have a solid release date, too; Shu will hit the Switch ground running on January 23rd, with a price tag of £7.69/$9.99/€8.49.

Already available for PC, PS4 & Vita, the Switch version will include the ‘Caverns of the Nightjars’ DLC. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, it’s a really rather pretty platformer with a cartoon vibe. Hand-drawn characters give the adventure a distinctive look, and Shu should fit the Switch nicely. Nintendo’s latest little box of tricks is becoming something of an indie hotspot in fact, and this will make a welcome addition.

Are you excited? Can’t wait to boot the game up? Well, do your best to Shu away your frustration. Perhaps we Shu have warned you how far away the release date is. Yeah, okay, we’ll stop now.

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Written by Luke K

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