Raiders of the Broken Planet: Wardog Fury – review

  • Format: Xbox One (version reviewed), PS4, PC
  • Unleashed: Out Now
  • Publisher: Mercury Steam
  • Developer: Mercury Steam
  • Players: 1-5 (4v1)
  • Site:
  • Game code provided by PR

Before reading this, we suggest you take a look back at our review of the game’s prologue and first campaign (unless you’ve already played it yourself of course). What can we say about this campaign? Well, all the same issues are there, perhaps more so now with regards to the lack of people playing specific missions online. That’s not to say that nobody is playing, but some missions are very difficult to find people for most of the time.

The new campaign is a lot like the first one: all four new missions were very good, different to those previously released, and we enjoyed them despite despite the issues we have with the game. The new character, Loaht, that you get for completing the first mission is fun, but a little difficult to play. He comes equipped with a grenade launcher that doesn’t detonate its grenades on impact. It’s not that easy to fight at range, but when he does hit he can do a lot of damage easily. After he’s gotten enough kills under his belt, he can transform into an Aleph-fueled monster. It’s very powerful and gives him a huge boost to health, though it also makes him an easy target. It’s fun to run around swatting enemies like flies, even if only for a short time.

A few more characters have been added to the roster, including one that’s already made an appearance as a boss in one of the earlier levels. This is one of the good things about the handling of the game; there’s new content regardless of whether or not you pay for new campaigns. Admittedly, it’s not going to reinvigorate things for you if you don’t like running the same levels over and over again, but it’s better than a kick in the teeth.

The highlight of this campaign pack isn’t the new character though. It is, just as with the Alien Myths campaign, the boss fight finale. The Boss is a screen-hogging, repulsive individual, and it was a lot of fun fighting him – but we did play against him on our own, which we suspect might have helped us enjoy it more.

We tried getting back into the game as a whole, but the same old problems kept us from loving it as much as we wanted to. Playing as the Antagonist isn’t much fun regardless of if you’re doing well or not, and the rewards (or lack of them) aren’t up to snuff. Playing with people is still the better option but finding people for specific missions is a crapshoot, making solo mode more or less a necessity if you just want to get through the missions and listen to the story (which is still both amusing and interesting).

Our gripes with the game overall are too deeply ingrained with how everything works together, such as the fragility of the characters in melee and the way lives are handled. The missions and story are the strong points, and if you enjoy it enough to continue playing after the missions are done, then there’s no reason not to pick up this campaign; which is arguably the stronger of the two currently available. It’s still the same game though, so if you weren’t a fan before, it unfortunately isn’t going to change that.

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