Nintendo Direct stuffed full of Switch announcements

Nintendo have been trolling something over the last few days on social media, with many speculating that a Nintendo Direct will be happening soon. Now this very afternoon, just as everybody decided that it definitely wasn’t happening, Nintendo did release a new Direct stream, with several new announcements of what 2018 has in store for Ninty fans.

Classic RPG The World Ends with You (no, not that James Bond movie!) which debuted on the DS a good few years back has been announced for the Switch, with the Final Remix edition of the game due out sometime this year. The much-loved game is set in modern-day Tokyo, starring a group of teenagers who are battling supernatural forces.

Nintendo also announced Mario Tennis Aces for the Switch from original developer Camelot. It’s not a cheap port either, with the addition of a story mode and boss battles mixed in with the usual sporting shenanigans. On top of that, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is getting some new DLC starring Donkey Kong, with fresh levels coming to the Switch sometime in the Spring. DK appears to use a banana like a boomerang, and who amongst us hasn’t fantasised about that?

The next Kirby game has been given a release date of 16th March, and the side-scrolling platformer is now titled Kirby Star Allies. Wii U games Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze and Hyrule Warriors are also getting a new lease of life on the Switch. Tropical Freeze, will feature the addition of Funky Kong (because why not?), and his presence will make the levels a bit easier. There will also be co-op using the Joy-Cons when it arrives on 4th May. The other port is Team Ninja’s Hyrule Warriors from 2014, coming to Switch via a “Definitive Edition” which includes all DLC along with brand new costumes based on Breath of the Wild.

To many people’s surprise, From Software’s legendary Dark Souls is getting remastered for the Switch Also PS4 and Xbone, but whatever. 25th May is when you need to start worrying about hurling your Switch against the wall. While it’s heartening to see more third party support for Nintendo’s latest machine (even if it’s a last-gen port), Nintendo didn’t really give any clues as to what their big first-party titles are this year. This is especially disappointing after 2017, with classics like Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. Hopefully, the next Nintendo Direct will shed some light on what they have up their creative sleeves.

But that, somehow, isn’t all! Super Mario Odyssey is also getting a free update in February, which brings a new mode to the game called Luigi’s Balloon World. This sees you either hiding, or searching for, balloons hidden in the levels. There will even be leaderboards to show off your balloon hide-and-seek prowess. Along with this new mode, Odyssey will also have a set of new costumes for Mario such as his shades and shirt from Super Mario Sunshine, a suit of armour, and a musician’s outfit. Wahooooo!

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