Seán’s Six Favourite Games of 2017

In the ultimate game of one-upmanship, 2016 – which was a pretty terrible year all around – has been trumped by 2017. Another god-awful year full of anguish and pain but some mostly good video games. Silver linings and all that, except they’re not really clouds, they’re more like shitstorms.

Anyway, in no particular order, here are my picks for the best six games of 2017 that I played in 2017.

Staring Longingly Out of a Window

This has always been a staple series but this year’s edition of SLOW is perhaps the best yet. Facing reality has been particularly tough this year. So turning away from everything and sticking your head in the sand might sound bad but watching the grey landscapes that everything in the real world has become this year, is almost as good as an escape to another world.

If you liked this then why not try Bannerman. Bannerman is having a worse time of it then you, that is pretty much assured. Why not accompany him on his dreadful journey to escape from your own.

Screaming into a Pillow

Christ. While we languish on this plane of existence, there’s so much horrifying idiocy and/or lack of moral and ethical standards that an alleged (technically not proven guilty of) paedophile can almost get enough votes to be elected by the people in America. Failing that, the electoral college voted let him in anyway but enough about the 2016 presidential election. In 2017, Roy Moore got close to being an elected official in Alabama again. Screaming into a pillow is an effective way of releasing all that steam that’s built up from listening to back-bending mental gymnastics to make paedophillia seem acceptable.

If screaming the contents of your lungs into a pillow is your sort of bag, then why not try Steamworld Dig 2. Here you can vent off steam in all sorts of ways and it’s also very fun, if fun is still something you can feel.

Drinking until you Forget

Downing glass upon glass of alchohol or whatever eases your mind, is a good way to block out the damage that’s been done to health services across the US and UK. The NHS is being picked apart, and sued by Virgin because they didn’t get a contract. The US has it even worse, with hundreds of thousands of Americans losing what is basically a chance of survival or living without crippling debt. It’s best just to forget how awful it all is.

If not remembering anything after a day of hard drinking is your way of coping, why not play as amnesiac Link in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Having been gravely wounded in a battle fought long ago, Link finally awakens after his wounds have healed. He doesn’t remember much of what happened, which is probably a good thing since all his friends died.

Just Giving Up

Brexit. More like Brex-shit, am I right? Even if you’re a staunch supporter of leaving the EU, nothing about Brexit has gone smoothly and those in charge have either jumped ship or are doing pretty much nothing but spouting rhetoric. David Davis has had a full year to get other people to do analyses of different economic sectors for him. He only had to give orders to other people and he couldn’t even manage that. He’s clearly given up on doing his job but not given up enough to quit or not accept his rather gratuitous wage for doing diddly squat. And somehow he still has the job, no reshuffle, no reprimand, not a sausage. If giving up rewards him this well, why not just give up on everything.

If just giving up is your style, then that’s exactly what you’ll do with ARMS. That’ll be down to extensive workout you get from playing though. You always know when to stop playing ARMS because it’s exactly when you’re about to collapse under your own weight. So in reality you might not have the choice, it’ll be made for you.

Waiting for Death

A nuclear holocaust is on the horizon. Two very small but somehow powerful, chronologically adult but mentally childish men, have managed to create a pissing war over Twitter that could end in nuclear annihilation. If they fallout over a tweet, it’ll be the end of the road. We could end up living in a wasteland. It might not be today or tomorrow, hell it might not even be the day after tomorrow. It may not even be 28 days later. All we know is, that this is the end.

If you’re counting down the hours until you join the endless void that is eternal nothingness, then why not try They are Billions? They are Billions is a real time strategy game where you’re in command of one of the last remaining human settlements. It’s only a matter of time before the Zombies break through your defences and slaughter the remnants of humanity. It’s not a question of if but when.

Boundless Optimism

It is still important not to get too caught up in the endless cycle of misery and take a look at some of the good things that happened this past year! There were loads of great games that came out, female fronted films grossed exceptionally highly – proving that female leads are more than worth investing in, #metoo is devastatingly sad but a positive movement has come from it, many non-english countries managed to keep far right parties out of power too. It’s always darkest before the dawn and light will always shine through.

If you have a sense of optimism, then why not try Mario Odyssey? It revels in rewarding you from everything from the extraordinary to the mundane. Squash a bump in the sand and get a power moon, defeat a big, bad boss and get a few more power moons.

Even though Mario can’t keep up with Bowser on his (maybe) best outing yet, that doesn’t keep him from getting up after being knocked down. Mario’s optimism is what helps save the day time and time again. It’s something we should all try to keep in these trying times.

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