Theme Hospital 2 announced but it’s not Theme Hospital 2

SEGA Europe Ltd. and Two Point Studios have announced Two Point Hospital, which in many ways is a spiritual successor to the classic game from the 1990s, Theme Hospital. The game is being developed by industry veterans who worked on said much-loved classic, along with titles like Black and White, Theme Park, and Fable; at studios including Bullfrog, Lionhead, and Mucky Foot. You should all be jolly excited.

Two Point Hospital will allow players to build their own hospitals, hire or fire staff, and expand their operations, like a competent Jeremy Hunt (hey, this is a fantasy world). There are also multiplayer options, with players able to co-operate on things like research, as well as compete in multiplayer challenges. You can watch the announcement trailer above, as patient zero, aka Trevor, battles with the rare illness Light-Headedness. As you can see, fans of the genre can expect a game packed with humour and charm. It’s Theme Hospital 2 in all but name. Did we mention the fact that you should all be jolly excited? Because you should (especially if you have a PC and are therefore able to play the game when it comes out).

Two Point Hospital will release later this year on Steam and the SEGA Store. For more information about the game, you can sign up for a Hospital Pass at The Hospital Pass will give a regular (we presume) newsletter, as well as an exclusive in-game item when the game launches at the end of the year. Take 250mg of hype with a sensible dinner, and call us in the morning.

Additional writing by Luke K

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