Nintendo thinking into the box

It’s true that young kids tend to have more fun playing with the packaging their expensive gifts come in than the gifts themselves, but now Nintendo are letting young ‘uns (and adults) get creative with both via Nintendo Labo. While the rest of the industry seems obsessed with loot boxes, Nintendo are more interested in cardboard boxes.

Nintendo Labo gives users sheets of cardboard (as well as bits of string and other doodads), that have pop-outs to create a multitude of add-ons for the Switch from fishing rods, pianos and dolls houses to even a full robot suit that your child can use as a costume. These accessories can then be combined with the Switch joy-cons and the console itself to create fun appendages that are then used with the supplied software to create fun new experiences. It’s completely bonkers, but absolute genius at the same time. Nintendo have gone back to their toy-making roots, and while Sony and Microsoft talk about teraflops and 4K resolution, Nintendo are more concerned with the fun aspect of gaming.

We don’t think we’re overreacting when we say that some of this stuff is, basically, witchcraft. Have you seen that video? You must have, right? A working mini-piano made out of cardboard? W T actual F? Then there’s the working RC car. We mean… just… how? The fishing game is easy to understand and, to be honest, we’re not too bothered about exactly how the robot thing works. The fact that it does work means that we’ll be able to fantasise about being big smashy robots in the most awesome way possible. No other company would’ve thought of putting Labo into production; and that’s why Nintendo is the jewel of the videogame industry.

Additional writing by Luke K

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Written by Kevin M

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