You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yeti (but £50K if you can prove it)

Monster Hunter World released last week. While one of us is reviewing it and can’t give their opinion on it yet, another of us is enjoying it very much on their PS4 Pro. Tracking monsters through their natural habitats, checking for any signs that they’ve come a-wandering by; following footprints, collecting feathers or mucus…

Now we’re sure that you’re aware that the monsters in the game aren’t real. Or are they?!

They aren’t. Just to clarify.

However, Capcom aren’t missing a beat. Enter this promotional opportunity with Jon Downes, a cryptozoologist and director of The Centre for Fortean Zoology. Being that both Downes and Capcom are sort of in the same business, monster hunting, it seems a match made in Heaven. Or whatever the cryptozoology version of Heaven is.

Cryptozoology isn’t exactly a booming business, so in order to track down some new clues and entice a new generation of cryptozoologists, a cash prize of £50,000 is being offered as a reward for substantial evidence towards one of the top ten cryptozoological beasties. This top ten list has all the main ones that come to mind and some that really don’t. Cornish Owlman? Why no Wendigos?

Ah well. Here are some terms and conditions taken directly from the promotion:

The Real Life Monster Hunter bounty will open for entries on 30th January, 2018 and close on 30th June, 2018. For more information or to submit evidence of a monster and be in with the chance of winning the £50,000 reward, please contact
  1. The bounty will open for entries on 30th January, 2018 and close on 30th June, 2018.
  2. All submissions must be sent to for analysis, or they will not be accepted.
  3. All entries will be analysed and judged by professional Monster Hunter and cryptozoologist, Jonathan Downes and Capcom, with the top ten interesting entries being nominated and revealed to the public from July (whether they are successful or not).
  4. Those who submit clear and comprehensive evidence for the existence of any monsters from the list below that is verified by Jonathan Downes and Capcom (“Winner”) will win the bounty of £50,000 and prove they are the world’s best real-life Monster Hunter!
·                     Big Foot
·                     Loch Ness Monster
·                     Mongolian Death Worm
·                     Mermaid
·                     Earth Hound
·                     Yeti/Almasty
·                     Chupacabras
·                     The flying snake of Namibia
·                     Yowie
·                     Cornish Owlman
  1. If there are multiple Winners, the reward will be split between them.
  2. Only one application per person will be accepted.
  3. The bounty is only available to UK residents (excluding NI) over eighteen (18) years of age except employees of Capcom.
  4. The Winner may be required to participate in reasonable post-event media publicity arranged by or on behalf of Capcom. Please note that even if there is no Winner, we will still nominate top ten interesting entries. The applicants of such top ten entries (“Nominees”) may be also invited to the post-event media publicity.
  5. Evidence submitted must be original files and cannot be edited in any way, using programmes such as Photoshop.
  6. By submitting your evidence to Capcom, you give Capcom and Hope&Glory PR permission to use your name and evidence for promotional purposes.
  7. The Winner and Nominees will be notified via email by Hope&GloryPR within 14 days of the closing date and will need to provide their name and contact details.
  8. If contact details are not shared by Monday 16th July, the Winner will forfeit the right to receive the reward.
  9. This competition is managed by Hope & Glory PR, 71 Collier Street, London N1 9BE, who will be the controller of your personal data. Promoted by CE Europe Ltd, The Metro Building, 2nd Floor, 1 Butterwick, Hammersmith, UK.
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