Loot Kratos incoming

The next God of War looks like it could be very jolly good (2010’s God of War 3 was fantastic). The hype train is hurtling along at breakneck speed, and the boys and girls at Loot Crate have performed the daring stunt of jumping aboard while it still shows no sign of stopping.

We love licensed gaming gubbins at Critical Gamer; many a British pound has been spent on limited and collector’s editions containing tat we’ve never looked at twice (and other bits we utterly love). This officially licensed, real-life loot crate is sure to prove a hit with Sony fans. At $49.99 plus shipping for US orders, and $74.99 for international orders, it ain’t cheap; though the international price does at least include postage and VAT.

The price does hint that customers can expect some quality stuff. What that stuff will be, exactly, we don’t know. Loot Crate goodies usually include things like figures, comics and t shirts. The crate isn’t available to order at time of writing, so keep an eye on the website for when orders open. Interestingly, Loot Crate CEO Chris Davis assures prospective buyers that “elements of this exclusive Limited Edition crate are tied directly to the events in the upcoming game”.

So: best guesses as to the crate’s contents? Real magical axe? Unlikely. Genuine bloodthirsty warrior child? Also unlikely. That said, contents will include “exclusive apparel, accessories, replicas, and more”. Prepare your best permascowl (and start saving those pennies), because it sounds like you might be able to do a little real-life Kratos pretend play… if you can afford it.

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Written by Luke K

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