Please Sir, I want some Maw.

You may or may not remember Little Nightmares. It’s a platform adventure game in the same sort of vein as Limbo or Inside and it manages to be even creepier than both. That’s quite an achievement and makes for a tense atmosphere even when your safe plodding about one of the safer areas. It’s just released it’s third and final chapter to the DLC The Secrets of the Maw and we feel we should shine a bit of a spotlight on it. Little Nightmares released way back in the distant year of 2017. You may remember that that was the year that everything fell to pieces or caught fire but we did say there were good games that released then and this is one of others that we didn’t mention.

It all takes place on a vast ship that contains horrific, grotesque humanoids that want to either keep you prisoner or gobble you up like the delicious morsel that you apparently are. You make you’re way through the cavernous sections of the ship, while trying your best to escape from the revolting inhabitants. Unsurprisingly, you don’t have much in the way of power to fight them off being only a fraction of their size and by being unarmed. This is a puzzle platformer through and through and it takes that to an extreme with you having some fairly tightly timed puzzles that have a very high risk of death should you not quite get your head around it in time.

It was a heap of fun and we will certainly be returning one last time to finish off The Secrets of the Maw. While this does seem to take place before the events in the main game it’s still worth going through this after finishing the story. Whatever sequence tickles your fancy, you can pick this up on PC, PS4 and Xbox One now, and perhaps the Switch in a few months time if we’re lucky.

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