Where The Water Tastes Like Wine OST out now (and you should buy it)

It seems rather unlikely that you haven’t heard of Where The Water Tastes Like Wine. Perhaps it first came to your attention when you heard that Johnnemann Nordhagen, who worked on Bioshock 2, was involved. Maybe it shot into your consciousness when it was revealed that the narration is provided by Sting. Yes, Sting out of The Police. Somewhere along the line, you’ve surely heard that it has a full American folk soundtrack, and that said soundtrack is supposed to be really rather good. Well, we’ve listened to it, and heartily encourage you to go buy it.

Available at Bandcamp digitally for $10 (you can add a pre-order of the vinyl for a total of $35 plus postage), we don’t hesitate to say that’s an absolute bargain. You get thirty tracks for your money, a mixture of instrumental pieces and songs with fantastic vocals from Akenya, Jillian Aversa, Elizabeth Zharoff, May Claire La Plante, and Joshua Du Chene. The mastermind behind the album is BAFTA-nominated composer Ryan Ike, whose previous work includes music for West of Loathing and Frog Fractions 2.

At times reminiscent of Darren Korb’s fantastic work for Pyre, the Where The Water Tastes Like Wine OST is a wonderful, soulful album that can be enjoyed by pretty much everybody. Sometimes, a game’s soundtrack is only truly appreciated when linked to memories of the game; or belongs to a genre that is distinctly an acquired taste, such as chiptune. This however is a sumptuous collection of folk/blues that wouldn’t for a second sound out of place on the radio, or accompanying a smart blockbuster movie or thoughtful TV series. Head to the Bandcamp page, preview the songs for free, inevitably purchase the album, and thank us when you’re done.

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