Onrush still looks pretty cool

There’s no shortage of racing games. Never has been, ever since the first videogame to feature a car was released in 1786 on the GentryStation. You’re certainly well served by the current generation if you want a realistic racer. You know the sort of thing; where they’ve painstakingly recreated the physics, made each car as true-to-life as possible, hand scanned each individual piece of gravel, etc. If you want an arcade runaround where a real-life driving licence doesn’t offer a significant advantage, your choice is very much reduced. Thank goodness, therefore, for Codemasters!

You only need the briefest of glimpses at that new trailer up there to see that this isn’t exactly a grounded racer. And hurrah for that, we say. It’s too early to say if it’s any good (not least because we haven’t played it), but it certainly looks a bit awesome. Old school in all the right ways, it’s all about throwing your vehicle around at ridiculous speeds; preferably straight into your opponents. Interestingly, it’s a racing game without a finish line. Success comes from aggression and showing off.

The latest collection of moving pictures goes into detail about the differing vehicle classes, and the joyfully unrealistic advantages they offer. “Blade” for example can leave a trail of fire behind, an ability powered by a meter it can fill up by performing front and back flips. “Charger” meanwhile can, er, charge through vehicles, powering up the ability simply by driving near opponents. Not all the abilities are competitive; “Dynamo” can gift teammates with boost. The trailer, if you’re interested, goes into more detail about these and more – and, yes, does so with gameplay footage. Onrush comes to PS4 and Xbone on June 5th.

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