New Overkill’s The Walking Dead trailer Grants insight

With gameplay footage due to finally be revealed at E3, Overkill’s The Walking Dead is currently enjoying some character reveal trailers. The latest one shows us that the game will feature… Grant!

Press X to Sharon.

Okay, we’re being silly. The game will (unfortunately) not feature Grant out of Eastenders. This Grant has hair. An abundance of hair, that covers his face as well as the top of his head. Apart from that, we don’t know an awful lot more about him (apart from the fact that he’s potentially in a lot of trouble if he breaks or loses his glasses, as optometrists are the first to go in the event of a zombie apocalypse).

Predictably, the trailer doesn’t really tell us much about the game. It does give us a glimpse into Grant’s motivations in what is set to be a storycentric game (surprising, for a co-op shooter from the Payday studio). The trailer graphics are very good, and the zombies match the ones seen in the TV show brilliantly; but, again, we’ve yet to see how this sort of thing is handled during gameplay.

Already revealed in the previous character trailer is Aidan, who before the whole zombie thing appears to have been a high-flying businessman, possibly an architect. Aidan was seen wielding a classic nails-in-bat piece, while Grant had a handgun. Hints at different strengths and/or specialities of each character, perhaps? It’ll be interesting to see if the remaining characters’ trailers show them with unique weapons as well. No release date more solid than “Fall 2018”, but that may change for the E3 reveal.

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