LEGO: The Incredibles trailer released

Warner Bros have announced that LEGO: The Incredibles videogame will be arriving alongside The Incredibles 2 movie. Incredible news! Or, er, something. A new trailer has just landed that shows some gameplay featuring the family of superheroes as they bid to save the world from supervillains.

The game features all the main characters of the two films, and you will get to play through the stories of both movies as members of the Parr family: Mr Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, or even baby Jack Jack.. The game will feature teamwork as a focus, as all the characters combine their powers to thwart the dastardly villains in their way. A main open world hub is promised, with supervillains controlling different districts, including Municiberg. It is up to our heroes to defeat these iconic villains and free each district from their blocky tyranny. Film favourites like Frozone and Edna Mode are promised, along with an extended cast of heroes who have been added to the roster. You also have the option to modify the costumes and powers of your character, but you may want to think twice about wearing a cape!

No mention of a minigame where you struggle to get Mr Incredible’s belt on, but we hope they’ll go that extra mile for authenticity. Lego games should be all about the humour, after all…

LEGO: The Incredibles will release, alongside The Incredibles 2 movie, on 13 July on Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC. A family movie (with all the overpriced food and drink that entails) and a videogame? Better start saving those pennies now..

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Written by Kevin M

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