Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 requires monstrous day one patch

If you’ve bought the disc version of Activision’s Call of Duty Black Ops IIII, we have bad news for you, as you can expect to download a massive 50GB patch as soon as you insert the disc in your console of choice. Maybe you’re twiddling your thumbs waiting for it to download right now.

While the game’s new Blackout – Battle Royale mode is available to play when the game is 30% installed, you will have to wait until the patch has been downloaded to play Multiplayer, Zombies, or Specialist Headquarters. For anyone living in the sticks without fibre broadband, it could be quite a few hours before you are able to play the game, so make sure you have plenty of teabags at hand!

You could be waiting a while to get stuck into Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s multiplayer modes.

Treyarch’s new shooter requires 100gb total space to install on your hard drive, but the actual install itself is only 55GB once it’s finished updating (answers on a postcard…). With that in mind, you do have to wonder what is actually on the disc itself, considering the digital version is a 55GB download!

To help mitigate the time taken to download the update, UK stores started selling the game a day early. For instance, GAME, Tesco and Smyths Toys started selling Black Ops IIII at 6pm on Thursday 11th October, which should at least have given some gamers a chance to download the patch before the game’s servers went live at midnight.

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Written by Kevin M

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