The Stillness Of The Wind blows in next week

Vane may have turned out to be a crushing disappointment, but there’s another indie game just around the corner so full of promise, it just might pop. Originally announced as a PC-only game, The Stillness Of The Wind will also be available for iOS and that hero of indies, the Switch, when it launches next Thursday, 7th February.

Published by Fellow Traveller Games (formerly Surprise Attack Games), this is the work of just one man, Coyan Cardenas; or Memory of God to his friends. Or possibly his enemies.

If you know Memory of God’s previous work Where The Goats Are, then you may not be entirely surprised to learn that The Stillness Of The Wind casts you as an elderly goat farmer. An apparent sequel of sorts to WTGA, the new game will see you looking after your goats and your farm (and yourself) while the world crumbles around you. You’ll receive letters from your family, but don’t expect particularly cheery communications. With Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s glorious One Hundred Years Of Solitude named as an influence, we’re very interested to see how this turns out.

“Nostalgia, a sense of loss and home are the main themes running throughout the narrative of the game,” says Cardenas. A trailer won’t often tell you much; but the one at the top of this page, ironically perhaps, gives us hope.

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Written by Luke K

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