Crash Bandicoot XL: collectible review

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Wouldn’t it be cool if you had your own little butler? And even cooler if that little butler was Crash Bandicoot? Well, thanks to The Cable Guy, you can have exactly that! Er, sort of. Provided all you want your little bandicoot butler to do is stand there and hold stuff for you.

Now, we’re a responsible lot at Critical Gamer, so we’ll start off by pointing out that this product isn’t meant for anybody below 15 years of age.

Why? Because… erm… it just isn’t, okay? The point, we suppose, is to emphasise that this isn’t a toy. It is in effect a stand for your Switch, joypad, or pretty much anything else you can balance in/on Crash’s gloved hands. There are no moving parts. Nonetheless, if you didn’t want to put it to any practical use and just fancied it for a collectible, it won’t disappoint any Crash Bandicoot aficionado. As you would hope from an officially licensed product, it’s lovingly recreated to look just as he should. £24.99 RRP isn’t cheap but, on the other hand, compared to other officially licensed videogame figures and toys, that’s actually not bad at all for the size.

The build quality is excellent; the head and body feel nice and solid (though the base, while ensuring the figure is perfectly stable, feels surprisingly cheap by comparison). The hands are made of a softer, smoother plastic, presumably to allay any fears regarding scratching any device you might entrust him with. It says something that this isn’t immediately obvious. There were a few minor manufacturing imperfections on our unit – e.g. little spots of plastic that are slightly bumpy, or the wrong colour – but in all honesty, most people probably wouldn’t notice or care.

We’ve tried and confirmed that a Switch, a DualShock, an Xbox One controller, and a few different models of smartphone all fit perfectly in Crash’s sensually soft plastic mitts (it’s also claimed that the upcoming Switch Lite will nestle in snugly). We even managed to get two PlayStation Move controllers on there without it feeling too precarious. He’ll also, we discovered, happily hold a large plastic Chewbacca, or two apples.

Apple compatibility confirmed.

A 2m micro USB cable is provided, so you can charge the controller while Crash is looking after it (or charge your Switch/phone/tablet/etc while in use on the stand). As an added bonus, you can make him hold the cable like a lasso, and pretend he’s a hairy orange cowboy.

Whether you want to leave him empty-handed (and thereby make him look like he’s saying “Eeyyyyyyy, fuhgeddaboudit!”), or use him as a gaming stand as his creator intended, Crash Bandicoot XL will make a neat addition to your collection.

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