i-eX Gaming beanbag and footstool: review

Doesn’t matter if you’re making zombie heads explode like smelly melons, winning an F1 championship, saving a fantasy land from monsters, solving a mystery, or trying to romance a pigeon. You want to be comfortable while you’re doing it, right? So you might want… oh, I don’t know… a beanbag with a footstool and a fancy name, maybe? Well then, the i-ex Gaming Armchair Bean Bag and Footstool is right up your proverbial street!

The setup arrives in one huge box… and one enormous box. The most intimidating box contains the bean bag itself, and the footstool. While the stool is fully pre-beaned (is that a thing? It is now), the bean bag is more bag than bean, hence the second box; which contains a big white bag full of chair beans. That’s the technical term. Er, I think. Anyway, after a small fight between me and the beans – and a large amount of hoovering – the i-ex is ready to do its thing.

And man, it is comfy.

Seriously. At £99.99 it’s not cheap, but my entire family fell in love with this thing the second we sat in it for the first time (individually that is, it’s not that big). It’s largely chair-shaped, rather than the traditional splodge of a bean bag you may be familiar with, but nonetheless accommodates a wide range of body sizes and shapes.

It doesn’t retain its shape quite this neatly, but actually, that’s a good thing.

Sitting up straight feels perfectly natural and comfortable, and playing on my laptop in this way for a few hours results in zero neck strain or discomfort of any kind. As for watching/playing on TV, leaning back and stretching my legs out makes me feel like a decadent Roman emperor. Especially if I’m using the footstool.

I’m surprised to find that the footstool is harder than I’m expecting, but it does the job just fine. I mean, it’s a footstool, there’s not too much to say. Although, the website contains the following line, which is one of my favourite things I’ve read all year: “The footstool can even be used as an extra seat for guests”. Hey, it’s not wrong.

One of the selling points for the i-ex (no, I don’t know why it’s called that) is that it’s “lightweight and portable”. Sure enough, the chair is much lighter than it looks – surprisingly so – and can indeed be moved around with little fuss. If your living arrangements mean you’d need to put this away each time you’ve finished playing, then – so long as you have space to keep it somewhere – that’s not going to be a problem.

The seat is very close to the floor due to the nature of the product, so this obviously isn’t the best choice if lifting yourself out of ordinary seating is already a struggle. Otherwise, it really is very difficult to criticise. The material is tough without being at all coarse, and it seems to be fairly breathable too.

There are two large pockets on the left hand side within easy reach, an unnecessary but nice little touch. You can easily get a few games and/or controllers in there. They’re even big enough to keep a Switch in each (if you don’t mind them poking out), if you want to make a little corner for Nintendo time.

The bottom line is, this is a tough, light, and incredibly comfy option if you’re looking for a gaming chair for any age. With a footstool thrown in as well, we’ve bean won over.

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Written by Luke K

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