Xbox 360 FTW!!1!

If u dont have a Xbox 360 u r not a real gamer.

Every1 nos that Xbox is the best. EXCLUSIVE games like mas affect 2, halo retch and alan is awake r the proof. These games wil nevr be on ps3, sony epic fail, lol!!1! They think the move wil save them, they r WRONG!!1! People already bought the move ages ago, its called the wii, lol. Natal wil change ur life 4eva.

Just look at the demos, if u r not excited u r stupid. That kid with the skatebord, how awesome is that? U just show ur skateboard 2 natal and it puts it in the game str8 away, that is amazing. Then u use ur skateboard like a controller, eat that the move! I no some people say why doesnt he just go outside and ride his skateboard, its a nice day in the video. But if he falls over in his house he just hits a nice soft sofa or carpet an gets bak up again. Nyway, There is things outside like fast cars, nife crime and peedofiles.

u wil look so COOL doing that.

Sony droids always go on about rrod, so wat? Microsoft gave us a bigger warantee because they care about us, if we get red lights just send it off again an wait 4 it 2 come back, wats the problem? I like the red lights nyway, they r pretty, it makes me smile evry time I see them.

They say bungie will make ps3 games now, we dont care. They wont get hello reach!!1! Master chef ftw. If bungie start making games 4 ps3 they wil suck, cos they will have 2 make there games crap so they fit on the ps3.

Dont start talking about ps3 trophies!!1! Hmm were did I see that idea b4 o yeah, achievements on XBOX 360!!1! Sony got a good idea there cos they stole it from Microsoft, lol. I dont no why Bill gates doesnt sue sony 4 ripping his idea off. Even wat u have 2 do is the same as on Xbox 360. Why dont they just paint there consoles white an rite Xbox 360 on it, lol.

I bet there wold be no ps3 without Xbox 360. Microsoft was first with the console, sony looked an said ‘we can do that to’ an creped out the ps3 which is for idiots an little kids. But it was 2 late, Xbox 360 was already the winner, every1 nos sony cant catch up now, give up sony!!1! Every1 nos the Xbox 360 has sold more than ps3, anywere that says something else isnt a reliable sauce.

This is teh pic in my wallet.

Why is Xbox 360 the best? Best games, best online, Xbox Live pisces all over psn. An look at any game that is on ps3 and Xbox 360 as well, the Xbox 360 one is always the best. The ps3 version is always ugly, like ur mum (if u have a ps3).

Microsoft will win the war this gen. Ps3 will DIE and little kids will cry wen no1 makes games 4 the wii cos it is just 4 little kids. Then there wil be a new Xbox and sony and nintendo will make games 4 it cos they wil no then that they cant win. But wat do we do wile we r waiting?

Wel play all those gr8 EXCLUSIVE games. But dont forget 2 go 2 forums and n4g. Then u can tell ps3 droids how stupid they r. They hate that, its why they get so angry, lol!!1! They r all so jealous of gears of war they pretend they enjoy there exclusive games, lmao! If u have a ps3, sell it 4 a Xbox 360, maybe then people wont think ur stupid.

Title Art R. Furie; Wurds Luke K

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Written by Luke K

Luke plays lots of videogames, now and again stopping to write about them. He's the editor in chief at Critical Gamer, which fools him into thinking his life has some kind of value. Chances are, if you pick up a copy of the latest Official PlayStation Magazine or GamesMaster, you'll find something he's written in there. Luke doesn't have a short temper. If you suggest otherwise, he will punch you in the face.


  1. Krazyface /

    I find this article offencive! Is this supposed to be a representation of how inteligent 360 owners are? I thunk you’ll find most of us can acctually spell proparley. And are not just a bunch of uneducated dimwits who think Microsoft’s bum hole is where sunlight comes from. Insadentilly the xbox IS better than Pee.S.3 which still has no games for it!!1!

    • hypernova /

      This is legitimately funny. Considering how you couldn’t spell half of the words in your comment, I hope you’re joking. Also, Microsoft began to lose relevance after 2008 (what with MGS4, Motorstorm, Resistance 2 and all), and completely lost it now with Kinect games, and nothing to look forward to besides gears of war 3. I know this article is old, and so is this comment, but hey.

  2. xbox /

    this is not offensive at all. in fact, it could be a work of art really.
    i love freedom of ‘speech.’ it allows ppl like the op to inform every1 that the xbox is a godsend. keep it up. haha

  3. jjalepeno55 /

    hahaha who wrote this? a 5 year old?
    oh wait, yea most likely, because there the only ones that like kinect

  4. Oh yeah if the online for X-Box is the best then why do you have to pay $50 a month,that sucks you know.Plus consoles are not meant to be compared just delete this blog if you feel ashamed of what you have done… you can leave a reply I will check back in a week

    for the record the X-Box sucks balls.Why?Red Ring of Death,that’s why.At least PS3 AND Wii don’t have the RRD and DONT HAVE LOUND NOISES WHILE YOU PLAY THE GAME!!!

    So i say screw you.>:(

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