Amazon commences UK Black Friday Deals Week

Amazon has kicked off its UK Black Friday Deals Week today, with discounts that spread across every category the web giant offers. Of course the bit that interests and intrigues us the most are the games related deals.

The real savings are hidden within the Lightning Deals portion of the sale, which offers limited quantities of specific items within a limited time window. The real kicker is that these items are only revealed at the time they go on sale, with the only thing on display before then being a countdown to its unveiling and a cryptic clue to its identity.

It’s interesting to remember that Amazon sold Wii and Xbox 360 consoles for £50 in last year’s Black Friday week sale, so the possibility of similar deals appearing is not unlikely. Check the Lightning Deals page regularly to ensure you don’t miss out on any steals.

At the time of writing, Driver Renegade 3D has been sold for £15, and Driver: San Francisco appeared with a price tag between £10.37 and £14.79 (depending on your platform of choice). Today’s other listed game deals go live at 5:45 and 6:30 this evening. They are accompanied by the clues “So good they named him twice” and “Every choice has a consequence; determine your destiny”.

Amazon’s Black Friday sale runs from today until November 25, and can be found here. Might be a nice time to start the Christmas shopping? Well, you know, as nice a time as it can be to start spending more money than usual.

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Written by Anthony H

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