Critical Talk Episode 7: Christmas Special!

If you’re a fan of both Christmas cheer and videogames, you’ve come to the right podcast. Stephen, Matt, and Luke have more than enough of that in the newest episode of Critical Talk!

  • Listen patiently as Stephen complains about not owning Christmas NiGHTS again!
  • Clap your hands with glee as Luke recalls hitting hobos with two-by-fours!
  • Google “Saturn train controller” to see Matt’s mark on the world!

Yes, it certainly is Christmastime in Critical Talk Episode 7. Why not join the festivities yourself? Click here to do so!

The Critical Talk Theme Song was created by Steven, but not the host known as Stephen.

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Written by Stephen K

A lover of video games in general, Stephen will happily play just about any sort of game on just about any sort of system, especially if it's a platformer or an RPG. Except sports games. Sports games are boring.

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