Internet Explorer rumoured for Xbox 360


Okay, let’s take a look at which gaming machines allow you to browse the internet. PC & Mac (you don’t say!), Vita, PSP, PS3, DSi, 3DS, Wii… even the DS if you can track down the browser add-on. Hang your head in shame, Mr Xbox 360! But perhaps you’ll soon have the right to hold it back up again in this particular identity parade, thanks to the internet’s favourite friends; anonymous informants.

According to The Verge and its “sources”, a specially adapted version of Internet Explorer is currently being tested to run on the 360. This news should be taken with at least one pinch of salt, as it’s not even hinted at whereabouts these sources work. The information could come from somebody who overheard a conversation in McDonald’s for all we know. That said, it’s far from impossible that Microsoft have finally decided it might be a good idea to stop being the odd one out.

More circumstantial evidence to support the rumour comes in the form of unnecessary Kinect support shoehorned in – that’s very Microsoft. The Verge reports that optional Kinect controls, including both voice commands and hand waving controls, will be included. Whether or not this means certain activities performed by certain people while watching ‘special videos’ will interfere with browser functionality was not clarified.

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