New Disney movie trailer stuffed with game cameos

Taking a step away from the game heavy focus of E3, Disney has dropped a trailer for its latest animated movie Wreck-It Ralph. Wait! Come back! Did we mention it has cameos from multiple gaming legends including Bowser, M. Bison and even Mortal Kombat’s Kano among others?

If you don’t fancy watching the trailer from the start, skip to 45 seconds in to see the familiar faces crop up thick and fast. We dare you not to have a geekgasm (whatever one of those is – it sounds slightly painful).

As well as the actual games the film references there appear to be several fictional ones that look an awful lot like parodies of other games. Hero’s Duty for example looks suspiciously similar to StarCraft, except played like an FPS.

The film posters say Wreck-It Ralph will be released on November 2 this year. However, IMDB lists the UK release as February 15 next year, so we might have a slightly longer wait on this side of the Atlantic. Could this be a game tie-in movie done right?

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Written by Anthony H

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