Scribblenauts Unlimited WiiU E3 trailer

Quirky DS puzzle series Scribblenauts is finally getting a big version, with Scribblenauts Unlimited coming to the WiiU. Above is the trailer from Nintendo’s E3 conference complete with the usual smiley faced people playing the game and holding the Nintendo peripherals up for the camera.

It looks like developer 5th Cell has taken the small version and made everything bigger. Bigger worlds, more objects and even a new object editor. This is demonstrated in the trailer by a custom dog car hybrid, which the smiley man then sends to his equally smiley friends online. Personally, we’d have gone with a scorpion helicopter or bear submarine, but it looks like such combinations will be possible with the powerful editor tool.

Multiplayer is also mentioned in the trailer. We can’t quite see how a multiplayer Scribblenauts session will be anything but utter chaos and brilliance. Imagine being attacked by an angry velociraptor wearing a top hat as your friend’s unpredictable pink hover chair idly floats by upside down. It could be fantastic.

There’s no indication of a release date for Scribblenauts Unlimited, but we imagine it will be a WiiU launch window title. Unfortunately, as Nintendo failed to mention a WiiU release date at E3 we don’t have a precise idea of when this will be.

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