Giotek AC-1 and DF-1 Xbox 360 Controller Charging Docks

Consistent with general Giotek look and feel, this shouts Military shooter lover in every way!

Controllers and gaming go together like toast and Marmite, Cameron and Clegg, and Pinky and Perky (some might argue that those last two examples are in fact repetition). We spend more time in contact with our controllers than with the actual consoles we covet so much. Yet these controllers are not always treated well by us. They run out of power in the middle of a game and then get thrown on the sofa or floor, or stuffed into a drawer when not in use. Giotek have set out to solve the issue of keeping the controllers fully juiced whilst also keeping them stored neatly and easily accessible at all times.

The AC-1 in action

I’ve been sent two products for Xbox 360 owners (there are also PS3 versions, which I have not been able to test). The first product, the AC-1, is beautifully designed. It is slightly thicker than a DVD case, similar to the tin cases some special edition games come in. It’s made of metal and opens out to reveal two red charging connectors and placements for the controller to sit in. Connect the spine of the case to your console via the supplied cable, connect the controllers and hey presto, instant dual charging. This all in a unit that is transportable, neat and very cool to have by the side of your console. You’ll know it’s charging as a simple LED light on the stem shows you the device is connected and charging. The styling is superb, but more on that later.

The DF-1 on the other hand is a charger on steroids. It’s fashioned like an ammunition case and comes complete with two contact charging batteries which replace the original controller’s battery compartment. It’s not a 100% flush finish compared to the original battery, but it’s as good as and adds no discernible extra bulk to the controller.

There is plenty of room in the DF-1. It’s the Hummer of game controller chargers!

As with the AC-1 there is room for two controllers, as once you open the lid (complete with army style lock mechanism) two controller housings are presented to you. Insert the controller and instant charging. You’ll know it’s connected and working via a flashing red light on the outside of the box, which eventually will turn green. Giotek have really thought about the end user and the community it’s appealing to. Nothing is cheap to touch or look at. The LED lights gently throb and their hue and timing are almost Applesque (but more macho of course) in their elegance.

Many of us own an additional console, and what is great about the DF-1 is that whilst the two Xbox controllers are in their housing there is room for a Wii controller down the middle of the box. Heck, I’ve even squeezed in a PS3 controller. Of course they are not able to charge, but it’s a neat place to put them all even if the lid can only close three quarters of the way as a consequence. My wife still reckons it’s neater than having them spread across the coffee table. She suffers from controlleritus you see. Before the days of the Wii, PS3 and 360 she suffered from Wireitus, but that’s been dealt with by the console manufacterers.

Even my wife likes this. Or maybe I just convinced myself she likes it? Either way it’s still where I left it with no cushion yet placed upon it, so that’s gotta count for something.

As I hinted at earlier, Giotek have taken the styling of these chargers seriously. The AC-1’s case is covered in a camouflage image with a Gears of War meets Modern Warfare art scheme mixed in for good measure. The typeface work on the cover is military in style, with the description of ‘ammo clip’ on the side being a wee bit tongue and cheek. The DF-1 is clearly larger, being the size of a small tool kit. It too has a camouflage look and feel with a similar Call of Duty style typeface on the top. In the age of limited edition box sets, figurines and customised consoles, the DF-1 looks the business! It’s functional and for those of us who like to show off our gaming rigs and merchandise it’s a superb and useful accessory to have by our consoles. My only criticism is that I would have taken the styling even further with more images on the side or, if it didn’t affect the end price too much, even USB sockets to make it a hub.

It should also be stated that Giotek tell me that both the AC-1 and DF-1 for Xbox 360 work with their own Xbox 360 controllers. All in all, these are useful investments if you want to always have charged controllers at hand and a happy wife who now has no reason to constantly rearrange and ‘hide’ your Xbox controllers.

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Written by Steven G

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