Gamesplanet Lab combines crowdfunding with indie dev support

Similar to the magical rings of Captain Planet lore, digital distribution platform Gamesplanet and crowdfunding aficionado are combining their powers with independent game developers to create something new: Gamesplanet Lab. The idea is to provide makers of those wonderful little things called videogames with proper tools and support networks to make sure projects make it off the ground in one piece. Backers of these projects will have a part to play as well, whether they’re helping out with quality control or just earning nifty bonuses for pre-ordering a game.

Magrunner: Dark Pulse, a puzzle-centric first-person shooter with a Cthulhupunk motif, will be one of the first titles to enter the GamesPlanet Lab family. 3AM Studios has been pounding away at this project for three years and funding will finally begin on July 4th. The cut-off point is August 18th, so take a look around the GamesPlanet Lab homepage for more information on this quest of collaboration. 

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Written by Stephen K

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