Small number of Vitas turn into heaters (sort of)



Man, the Vita is one hot piece of kit. No, really, it’s hot. Really hot. It’s… it’s… oh no… what’s that smell?

According to Sony itself, there have been a total of 31 incidents worldwide of part of the Vita burning up during charging. That’s approximately 50% of all Vitas sold (please note, this is a joke. PlayStation Vita lifetime sales as of 25th July 2012 are almost certainly higher than 62, and are in fact likely to be closer to 87). A whopping 23 of these 31 incidents took place in Japan and as a result, Andriasang reports, the Japanese government has stepped in. To be a bit more specific, The Daily Yomiuri newspaper reports that a Japanese government agency (Andriasang doesn’t say which one) now has an official investigation on the go.

In each case, the problem has occurred while the unit was recharging. Sony stress that this is not a manufacturing fault, and instead blames users who have something between the charger connector and the Vita itself; and as a result, will not cover the costs of any burnout-related damages. Bummer, eh? Still, worth bearing in mind that you should always have the charger fully and correctly connected when in use, and if you don’t – it’s your own stupid fault, and it’s gonna cost ya.

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