Steam Early Access granted to Interstellar Marines

Interstellar Marines has released on Steam Early Access, touted as a high quality first person simulator, not only does it look the part but it plays pretty solidly too. Though it has only just been released to Steam, they have had playable builds of various sections of their game on their website.

It has a comprehensive training mode that consists of two sections (both free to play on their website), Bullseye (target practice) and Running Man (movement and shooting hoards or robots). Both mode play spectacularly and really do help to teach you the ropes as well as increasing in difficulty to allow you to hone your skills.

There was/is also a paid multiplayer called Deadlock which was unlocked for all to play during E3 2012 and it was incredibly polished at the time. It showed off the lighting system and the sound design so well, that at times, it was more of a survival horror than many of the mainstream games released under that genre in recent years.

Anyway, despite how promising it is, it was unfortunate enough to miss their Kickstarter Goal earlier in the year. Now with Steam Early Access to help it along it should get the boost it needs. The earlier you buy it the more you save, going “all in” to gain any future expansions and updates for a reasonable $14.99/£11.99.

We have previously talked to Zero Point Software, and if you should feel the need to try before you buy, then you can always head over to their website and play in Unity browser.

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