Interstellar Give-away from Zero Point Software

Interstellar Marines is a game that we mentioned a little while back after its appearance on Steam Early Access, and following a Twitch Stream where they announced a rather ludicrous amount of free keys for a planned give-away, they have now pinned down a more realistic and fair (on them) give-away.

Originally planning ahead for their next Twitch stream, an announcement of some thousands of Steam keys for the game being made ready for a give-away was revealed. Now with a more accurate number and exact dates and times, they have unleashed details what you need to do and when.

On Friday July 12th at the following times:

First event European prime time:
9pm CET (8pm UK time, 3pm EST) live on

Second event US prime time:
9pm EST (2am UK time, 3am CET) live on

Across the two streams, you can win one of 500 Spearhead Edition keys, that’s 250 per stream. During the stream they’ll ask two questions, which you’ll have to send the answers, along with your account name to their channel.The first 250 from each stream to return the right answers with a valid account name will score themselves a key.

The Spearhead Edition comes with two keys, one for you and one for a friend (if you have any), and an array of bonus goodies. It’s a pretty good deal if you can get one, especially since you have to do practically nothing to stand a chance of winning them. It’s definitely worth a shot if you want the game OR you could be super awesome to them and buy the game over here instead.

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