In Tune with Ken Snyder (coda)

Ken Snyder (or coda, as he’s commonly known) is a guy who makes lots and lots of music. Chiptune and electronic beats are held sway by his numerous projects, which include videogame soundtracks like AlterEgo: Dreamwalker, along with original albums such as tracer and Tree of Knowledge. The demoscene and its visual/musical magics are discussed, followed by a tour of Ken’s creative process in and out of furiously-paced competitions. This and a whole bunch more can hit your eardrums whenever you choose, so join us as we explore this strange and wonderful world together.

Last week featured Terrence Lee (Lifeformed), so try that interview on for size if you’d care to do so. Darting back to the present time, try checking out Ken and No Tune Unturned on Twitter, along with the official coda website and Soundcloud page.

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Music included:

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Written by Stephen K

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