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Sidekick Cycle isn’t just any old iOS title (soon to release on Android too); it is the first release of the Global Gaming Initiative, or GGI if you prefer. Developed by It Matters Games, the game is a one-touch downhill cycle game, where you perform tricks and endure hazardous terrain as you pedal your way to victory, delivering a bicycle in the process. It also contributes towards a bicycle for a child in an impoverished community with each purchase.

It only takes a 387 downloads to earn a single bicycle – but – at £0.69, it is cheaper than some packets of air crisps these days. It has a set of 30 tracks to ride in, from various locations across North America and Africa; so it should have a little longevity to it, especially when you take into account the customisation and high scores. The trailer is below, so check it out if you feel the need for a little speed or even a good deed, and if you want to buy it from the app store here.

This is the first of (hopefully) many games that will come about through GGI and will presumably follow a similar method for all the future games; that is get a developer and match them to a charity that provides a real benefit to those in need. As we are used to charity bundles, it’s nice to see something that has a more focused message about specific problems, that also provides a constant stream of funds over its entire course. If you want to know more about the charity supported and want to hear why its important, it’s called World Bicycle Relief.

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