Fitting in as Tetris Blocks

Tetris blocks are pretty iconic but you’ve probably never dressed as them before – or even thought of dressing up as them for that matter… or have you? Either way, you can now, you lucky people. Morph Costume Co, the ones that do the full body Morph suits, have released official Tetris Costumes in the UK because – apparently real people on their company Facebook page posted lots of pictures of homemade block costumes; obviously showing the high demand for such a product.

Their practical uses have already started a little trouble too. Some office workers were wearing them in pubs to blockade the bar and hold spaces for their friends. Not appreciated by everyone, they are now banned from being worn in a London pub because, as you can imagine, people didn’t like being blocked off from the bar.

The costumes use the same technology that pop-up tents do, so they can easily be concealed and smuggled into a pub for shenanigans. They are available to buy here if you really must have one or even all of them, for whatever strange reason you might have.

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Written by Sean P

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