Holiday Express Poem

On the fourth of December and away from the cold,
A train did arrive within the household;
An expansion to Train Simulator but please don’t distress,
It’s a standalone game by the name Holiday Express.

A storm has scattered the decorations and presents about the house,
Follow the tracks but avoid the house of the mouse;
Take in sights like the mantle, piano and other such pleasures,
But keep your watch out for the Christmassy treasures.

Riding out today on the platform of Steam,
The price for a month is but a dream;
For only £2.99 it can be yours to play,
Go! Play now! Don’t wait ‘til Christmas Day.

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Written by Sean P

I enjoy playing games and I enjoy writing things, so I decided to combine the two. I do bits here and there and have a twitter that mainly just announces things I've done as my life revolves around very little that is truly interesting.

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