Warface Xbox 360 beta codes – ask and ye shall receive [UPDATE: all gone!]

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UPDATE: These codes went quicker than hot cakes on special offer. We have none left, sorry!

Only three things in life are certain; death, taxes, and FPS games. Two of those three are brought together in Warface, currently available to play for free via an old-fashioned internet browser on your PC or – currently in beta – on your Xbox 360. Hint: taxes is not one of the two.

What’s better than shooting (virtual) people in the face? Shooting (virtual) people in the face for free. Warface is free-to-play you see and, while the term sends shivers down the spine of many a gamer, any fears about quality should be muffled considerably when you discover that this game comes from the AAA veterans at Crytek. Up to five players can join together for some cost-free shooty bang bang, though it’s worth bearing in mind that the 360 version will require a Gold subscription once it leaves the beta stage. Until then, anybody with a beta code can play – and we have some to give away! For free (heck, we’re not monsters)!

Appropriately enough for a five player game, we have a total of five beta codes for the 360 version to give away courtesy of Xbox. We won’t make you jump through hoops; we’d love to ask you to do that in a literal sense, but have no way to determine whether or not you’ve done so. Therefore, we’ll simply ask you to send an e mail to [as some people seem to have difficulty understanding the phrases ‘all gone’ and ‘none left’, this e mail address has been removed] and ask us – politely – for a code. That’s it. One non-returnable beta code per person, we’ll let you know when they’ve all gone. Okay – go! 

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