Microsoft announces experimental ‘Media Remote’ technology


It’s all over for Sony. Up until now, they’ve been winning the sales war for the newest, shiniest consoles. This is of course mostly thanks to the innovative light bar on the DualShock 4, which is capable of displaying lots of pretty colours (one at a time, anyway) and eating up battery power approximately four times faster than a DualShock 3. Now, however, Microsoft have come out of nowhere with a killer blow; a device they call the ‘Media Remote’.

This strange electronic beast has excited the games press no end, with widespread and suitably reverent reporting. And with good reason! The ‘Media Remote’ will allow Xbox One owners to play, pause, and even rewind video footage contained on a ‘DVD’ or ‘Blu Ray’ – without having to touch the console itself. It sounds like science fiction, but it’s true. That’s not even all that it’s capable of!

Rumours suggest that a mysterious ‘fast forward’ feature is also included, and – amazingly – the ability to instantly adjust the volume (loudness) of video footage or possibly even audio with no video attached. Hold on to your hats though people, because straight out of Star Trek comes backlit buttons (buttons lit from behind). You’d better be holding on to your hats with both hands, because get this – the lighting is motion activated. Just pick up the ‘Media Remote’ with your hand, and the buttons will automatically light up as though you are a wizard/witch.

The ‘Media Remote’ will go on sale in March for the staggeringly low price of $24.99 (that’s about £23.99 at the current games industry exchange rate). If you don’t have an Xbox One already, you’d better buy one now – because good luck getting one once this peak of human ingenuity is released!

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