GTA V makes the explosive leap to next gen

Sony have announced during their E3 conference, that Rockstar’s crime opus Grand Theft Auto V is coming to the PS4 in the autumn. It’s also coming to the Xbox One and PC, although Sony obviously didn’t mention that during their conference.

Sony also say that your saves from the PS3 and Xbox 360 will transfer over to the PS4 version, although only your GTA Online progress will carry over, and you’ll need to start the campaign from scratch.

Obviously the new game will have an array of graphical enhancements, and the addition of new wildlife, longer draw distances, and denser traffic; with the PC version getting an additional video editor. Whether these extra enhancements are enough to get you to buy what is essentially the same game again is open to debate – but the trailer for the PS4 version certainly looks stunning. And as you may have heard, a very vague sentence maybe-sort-of-perhaps-hints-at some sort of exclusive PS4 content…

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Written by Kevin M

I've been addicted to gaming since my parents bought an Atari console way back in the 70's. I progressed to the iconic Speccy, Amiga, and all the Playstation platforms. Having seen games evolve from single pixel bat and ball, to HD constructed environments, gaming has changed much from my early years. Having defeated the rock hard R-Type on the Speccy, the biggest challenge I've faced so far is putting up with the hordes of American teens spouting abuse in the current generation of consoles, noob indeed!

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