Shhh… It’s a Secret. Secret Ponchos on Early Access.

Try to keep it on the down-low (don’t actually, that certainly won’t help the developers) but Secret Ponchos has arrived on Steam Early Access. Its a multiplayer game set in a Spaghetti Western world, where various gunslingers battle it out to see who is head poncho honcho. It’s full of twitch based controller action, as it officially only supports the 360 gamepad at the moment. It’s got a beautiful aesthetic, great music and the gameplay that’s shown off in the trailers looks like it’ll be fun to boot.

To celebrate their early access release they are holding a discount off of their standard game package, which currently stands at $11.24 with the promise of the the first DLC character after release for free, and best of all (might we add) a special beta achievement (sarcasm, obviously). There’s also a 4 player pack at a similar discount, giving you the chance to skim a little more money off of the price compared to the individual purchases.

The game is also due out on PS4 but as there is also a nice little Early access for the PC version, surely you’d rather go this route rather than the other. Especially with the large swathe of indie games being brought to the PS4 Playstation Plus Instant Game Collection. Either way check out the latest trail for the game below alongside a few screenshots.

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